Oasis for Youth

Their aim is to walk together with homeless youth on the path to stability and self-sufficiency, so in addition to housing, they also address a range of other needs. Four core concepts provide the framework around which Oasis programs are built.

  1. Youth will be most successful when they are able to remain in the community where they have friends, attend school and go to work. Support and housing opportunities for homeless youth in Bloomington, Richfield, and Edina are essential.
  2. Young people have the best chance at success when they graduate from high school and continue onto post-secondary education. They work closely with schools to support youth so that they are able to complete their education.
  3. Youth who can work through their family issues and remain at home will have a better chance of success. Oasis first seeks to reunite young people with their families.  For those who cannot go home, they believe that a close connection to other caring adults is vital.
  4. Suburban homeless youth do not necessarily have the same issues as their urban counterparts. Oasis pursues creative solutions to their unique needs.